After almost 3 yrs, Chase's Mr. Blue died.  
About a month went by and we now have some new friends.
Someday we'll have a dog but for now these guys are getting our love. 
Chase and Molly picked them out and named them all on their own.  
Chase's Fireball is actually quite smart- he hides in his shell and when we look in at him he swims over to the side and looks back at us.  Maybe a lot of fish do that but Rainbow doesn't- so I think it's a pretty good trick.



 The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry 

We took a little one nighter trip up to Portland to see our friends who were there from Idaho for work. It was fun to get away just for a quick trip. The kids are always excited to stay in a hotel and swim.  David and I loved being in a bigger city with lot's of good food options. 
We hit up OMSI for the day and had a ton of fun exploring science. 
Can your building survive an earthquake?

 The water room was very fun...


Sweet Layla

My brother Ben came up to Oregon from San Diego to visit with Rebecca and their sweet baby Layla.  It was so fun to finally meet Rebecca & my cute niece.  Layla was born in January 2011- so our meeting was way over due.  She is such a happy girl- full of smiles.  Proud of my brother for being such a great Dad too.  Hopefully we'll get a visit in again soon. 

Layla Grace



This year during our Christmas vacation to California, flag football was added as a tradition.  

Holland/Beatty VS Smith/Jensen

Team Captains Mike & David
Re-energizing with some oranges

Amazing Abby who gave all the boys a run for their money
Team Smith/Jensen Wins!


Merry Christmas 2011

We spent Christmas in California this year.  We were able to spend a few weeks there and it was such a nice vacation.  We love our Savior Jesus Christ and enjoyed celebrating his birth with many of our loved ones. 
2011 was a good year- we are healthy & happy and excited for 2012! 
Love the Elf on the shelf
Letter to Santa & a delicious plate of cookies for him... can't forget carrots for the reindeer.
Stockings filled with goodies
Christmas morning...
Molly & Abby

Aunt Jane & Rob came up from L.A. to visit for a few days too!

Sushi Night- Clark is the best, he stood there for  hours rolling non-stop all our requests.

Sara- Clark's  lovely fry assistant
Brothers- Clark & David
Candy Bar Game
Crab Feast
Chase & his buddy Gavin @ Wacky Tacky.  We love him and his family!

After our Nephew Max's Up-Stage Show... so fun to see him dance and do his crazy flips!

Having fun @ Scandia

Kate, Molly, & Chase
One night we discovered Molly like this... I guess she wanted a mustache?